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This look took me half an hour to do, and over 5 minutes to take off.

I used 3 different size of black rhinestones from Ebay, lash adhesive, some black glitter, and one cup of coffee.
And MAC My Dark Magic. And false lashes from Madame Madeline.

I didn't take photos before this, because I only added MAC My Dark Magic all over my lid, blended it, and added a hint of Sugarpil Tako to highlight:

Then I started adding lash adhesive to lid. Don't put too much glue, it'll only dry:

Add rhinestones.
I use old small brush that is a bit sticky, so I can pick up the rhinestones:

 Do what ever shape desired:

I can tell you, applying TINY rhinestones to your lashline isn't easy!

Then some more rhinestones:

I think this is enough:

Then some mascara, and falsies, if you prefer. (ps. don't put your rhinestones too close to your lashline, if you want to use falsies :S) :

 After removing the rhinestones:


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