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My feelings about celebrities doing clothing lines has been pretty well documented on this blog. And the documentation shows that I hardly ever approve. And from everything I've been reading, it doesn't look like this train is stopping anytime soon:

Celebrity clothing and accessory lines have proliferated in recent years. Lauren Conrad has her Kohl's line. The Olsens sell a line at J.C. Penney. Nicole Richie is in jewelry, accessories, and apparel. Lindsay Lohan, despite her legal troubles, is diversifying into handbags for spring. Sarah Jessica Parker says she takes her role at Halston very seriously. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony just announced a deal with Kohl's. Alexa Chung did a collection for J.Crew's brand Madewell. Miley Cyrus has her Wal-Mart line; Selena Gomez has her "Dream Out Loud" line for K-Mart. Madonna is killing it with her Macy's tween line, which is planned to be only the first of her many apparel licenses under an agreement with Iconix. And while you may believe the Kardashians are already a Beverly Hills cottage industry of licensing, a full Kardashian "lifestyle" line, including everything from swimwear to denim, is planned for 2011.

See what I mean? Continue reading this over at Jezebel.

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