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Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween!

Today I did a quick Cleopatra look, it looked like this:

And here's a bad closeup of the makeup. Lashes are really black, but the light makes them look brown :/

And then my LOTD. Since it's Halloween today, it's a fantasy look:

Closeup of the makeup:

NYX jumbo pencil Cherry
Stargazer red e/s
NYX Glitterati Cream "red" glitter
MAC Polished Ivory pigm.
Lumene Natural Code eye pencil
Lumene Natural Code eyeliner
MF FLE mascara

And without wig and with glasses:
"OMG, it's a camera! How scary!"

I made Halloween makeup for two of my ex-husband's friends.

First there is A, who wanted dark post-apocalypse/cyber look. She had lots of fishnet on, so I did fishnet pattern on her face too. And since she had black clothes and blue hair (and silver nails) I did black/blue/silver makeup for her:

And from the side the texture goes like this:

And I also did her avec's makeup, he wanted a zombie look:

This was first time I did a zombielook using liquid latex, and I loved it *g*
I also did a "bite wound" in his arm:

Unfortunately it shines quite a lot in the picture, but it was pretty disgusting in real life.

I'm actually quite happy for everything I've done today!


Male Lotus Flower Tattoo Picture

Hand Male Lotus Flower Tattoo

Female Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus Flower Tattoo

Hand Lotus Flower

Mojica Photography blogs about DSI

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Joshua & Loraine McCall from Mojica Photography

Smokey Liesmith

Wohoo, I was actually very satisfied to my LOTD!

I made sorta celebrity styled brown smokey:


MAC Painterly p/p
MAC Unsquare e/s
Mschic Mineral Black e/s
SMH Bee's Knees e/s
Lumene Natural Code eyepencil
Lumene Natural Code eyeliner
MF FLE mascara
MSC Blacktrack fluidline

First lipstick test with MAC Hue lipstick and powder, I thought it was a bit too nude:

And the final look with glasses and correct lipstick, some brandless nude color:

And one more "artistic" b&w pic:

(it's a feather in case you wonder :D)

I'm actually quite satisfied with my skin too, it was in horrible condition a while ago when I used Lumene Natural Code skincare products. They made my skin break out badly :/
Then I changed to Freeman Feeling Beautiful Refining Facial Cleanser Pear, and now my skin looks quite good :D

Anyway, that's all this time.


My tosay's LOTD was very similar to the 'northern flame' makeup I did while ago, only this time I used only SMH eyeshadows:

MAC Painterly p/p
SMH Over the Moon e/s
SMH Shimmerbrick e/s
SMH Mimosa e/s
SMH Bee's Knees e/s
Lumene Natural Code eyeliner
Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara

Then I wanted to use my nail art rhinestones to create something crazy, and crazy was the result too.
The first one was somekind of graffiti inspired, though it looks really messy and badly done:


And the second one is just plain boring :D

Anyway, that's all this time.

Oh, and I almost forgot, my Pure Luxe order is on the way finally! \o/

PS: I've been tagged several times to reveal 7 facts about me, so I might reveal something at some point :D

Carnival of pink ribbon

I didn't photograph my LOTD today.
I was on the phone when I did my makeup, and I was still on the phone when I left the house (in a hurry) so I didn't take any pictures. Besides, it was quite horribe. I was in major hurry, so I put MAC Off The Radar on the lid and black Grimas eyeshadow to the crease. Eyeliner and mascara, and I was done. So you won't be missing anything special :D

But I did couple of "just for fun" -looks.

First one is (again) quite... interesting. It failed :D

I was gonna make something PINK ispired by the breast cancer ribbon, since cancer has touched my life twice. I haven't had any cancers myself, but both my parents died because of cancer. Neither of them had breast cancer though :P

But anyway, here's the pink "ribbon" makeup, that looks more of a tropical fish maybe?


And  then I made a test run with one of my new Stargazer glitters:

And finally a makeup inspired by finnish band called Poets of the Fall, and their song Carnival of Rust:

There's supposed to be "rusty" ferris wheel and night sky.

Yeah, that's all this time.

Black Star Haven

Another badly slept night. This time it was both my son AND my daughter who apparently saw some nightmares. And my son has ear infection, on his BOTH ears. :(

And my husbans is also ill, so he snored the whole night. So yes, I'm tired.

I got up early since I had to take by son to the doctor, so I wasn't quite wake when I made my makeup.

I wanted something dark and smokey, so I did this:


MAC Blackground p/p
MAC Painterly p/p
Gosh Bright'N Black effect powder
MAC Cranberry e/s
SMH Flare for the Dramatic e/s
SMH Bee's Knees e/s
Lumene Natural Code eye pencil
MF FLE mascara

The I made awfull cute nails to myself yesterday!
Gosh Pearl
China Glaze Wireless Holographic
Loreal Resist & Shine Titanium Black Purple (dots)

AND OH, SMH has 25 (or 32, I not sure) new colors!

Check these out:

Ultra Violet:

Teal Tuesday:

Call a Treuse:


Pics from:

OMG, aren't they gorgeous? I think I SO need another SMH palette :3

And I also got my StarGazer haul in mail today.
I found an auction of a 30 piece StarGazer makeup set. Final price was 22e (~ $32), and this is what I got:

(Quite horrible) Rainbow lashes:

6 eyedusts, 4 green (no. 17) and two different blues (no. 22 & no. 1):

6 jars of glitterdust, 3 orange, one pearl and  2 different greens:

4 glitter gels, 2 green, 2 golden:

9 jars of small stars, 2 purple, 2 blue, 2 red and 3 golden:

And two set of rhinestones:

Quite a haul :D

Bright and black

Finally it's week 44 and the new Gosh collection is out in Finland!

They didn't yet had everything from the collection, just the body glitter, lip gloss, one nail lacquer and the effect powder.

The new Bright'N Black collection includes:

• Eye Shadow Collection
• Artificial Lashes
• Glamour Body Glitter
• 2 Nail Lacquer, Bright Passion 585 (glitter and black) and Black Passion 553 (glossy deep black with a discrete shimmer).
Effect Powder

• Liquid Eye Liner Pen
• Lip Gloss

I still want the boldered ones :D

But this is what I got:

Gosh Brillant à lèvres lip gloss no. 0081 ( Black lip gloss)
Gosh Bright'n Black effect powder
Gosh Bright Passion nail polish

Bright Passion nail polish:
It's really not black based, it's "just" the holographic flakes. I love all holographic things, so this is sweet!

Bright'n Black effect powder:

And here's the swatches of the effect powder and lipgloss:
 Lip gloss is JUST a gloss. Not really black, though it looks really black in in container.
Effect powder is black with silver sparkle.

MAC Blackground p/p + Gosh Bright'n Black effect powder:

I also bought the most gorgeus hairpiece from Vero Moda :
I love it. It really is to die for <3

Hair fascinator,  Gosh Bright'n Black effect powder and Gosh Brillant à lèvres lip gloss no. 0081, "black":

As you can clearly see, my lips aren't black.

Anyway, that's it for today, I'll be back tomorrow!

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