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I've been soooo busy with making christmas cards, cleaning the house, baking gingerbreads, buying and wrapping presents...

But I got my ow present early:

 There HUUUUGE bunch of awesome stuff that I love.
I swear, I almost cried when I opened this package <3
You'll be seeing this stuff here on the blog when I have the time to try them and swatch them and photograph them :D

Talking about photographing, I was a busy bee yesterday, a friend of mine wanted new photos of herself, and she asked me to do something "winder wonderland/fairy or something" :D

Here's what she got:

Aren't those eyes amazing?

 I myself  watched Gone with the Wind (I'm reading the book atm too) and I got inspired of Scarlett. I just had to take falsies, wig and a silly costume, and take these photos:

 Here's some of my other recent looks:

Kat von D shadows

Kat von D Nite owl, Lemmy, Poe Blue

MAC Vibrant Grape

MUFE starpowders

 And I'll post a tutorial of this one later:
MAC Later and Silverwear

 Then my new MAC baby,  Vibrant Grape:

Here's some last minute present ideas for you:

Sigma's Complete Kit with Pink Brush Roll from Sigma
You save $20.00!
Product Code: CK002

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