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I was at Lady Gaga's concert yesterday, and it was AWESOME! 
I still can't quite believe that I really saw her live. 
She seems so humble when she's on stage, and damn that woman can sing!

We're all superstars.

Anyway, here's some (bad) photos from the gig:

Gaga herself:

Show looked really great:

She wore quite basic makeup:

Dirty nun in subway :P

The living dress:

Paparazzi monster!

Two videos, visual quality is pretty bad, but at least you can hear clearly.

Short clip of the awesome paparazzi monster:

And full Speechless with some touching speaks:

Songs she played:
  • Dance In The Dark
  • Glitter and Grease
  • Just Dance
  • Beautiful, Dirty and Rich
  • The Fame
  • Love Game
  • Boys Boys Boys
  • Money Honey
  • Telephone
  • Speechless (dedicated to her grandfather who recently passed away)
  • You And I (From Born This Way)
  • So Happy I Could Die
  • Monster
  • Teeth
  • Alejandro
  • Poker Face
  • Paparazzi
  • Bad Romance

 And my makeup for the evening:

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