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People were applauding Helena Bonham Carter's boldness and individuality (check out her different colored shoes!) but this look is just a jumbled mess to me. Helena is no stranger to quirky fashion, she usually gravitates towards the eccentric. I mean hello! She picked Tim Burton as a life partner. Nuff said. Anyhoo, I think she looks nicer when she pulls it back and refines it a little like she did here.

Scarlett Johansson 
Scarlett looked uncomfortable in this Elie Saab dress, and I have to say it wasn't one of my favorites on her either. Maybe if her hair and makeup were different, and she was her usual confident self it would have helped, but the whole vibe just made me go... meh.

Nicole Kidman
Vanilla. Bland. Milk toast. Snoooooooze fest. Did I leave anything out? I'm telling you, a Prada dress never looked so boring.

I'm gonna go to bat for Julianne Moore here in this hot pink Lanvin gown. I'm going to bat for her because I think it's unfortunate that her glam squad let her onto the red carpet looking a wrinkled mess. Shame on them for not steaming this dress. 

 Leighton Meester in Burberry. This dress just looks like oatmeal to me. And I usually like oatmeal. I'm just not feeling this dress. Sorry.

Lots of people liked January Jones in this bold red Versace gown but I didn't. It's too over the top like she's trying too hard to be sexy when she really doesn't have to. I gave this dress a NO.

Didn't like Angelina Jolie in this Atelier Versace dress. But to be perfectly fair, I could just be biased against her. Anyhoo, NEXT.

No, no, NO Halle. Didn't like this black Nina Ricci dress on her at all. Dresses with single sheer chiffon panels just look cheap to me, no matter who the designer. Don't believe me? Check out Kristin Stewart in CHANEL. See what I mean? Not a good look. Halle's head to toe look seems like it should have been worn underneath her actual dress. Ok. Enough shade! Stay tuned for the Golden Globe dresses that I did like :)

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