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Woop, two post in one day!

Like I said in my previous (look) post, I bought MAC's Diana Eyes:2 palette, and I absolutely love it.
Here's two looks made mostly with it:

This one is made only by using MAC palette; Shroom in inner corner and highlight, Flipside in the middle of the lid, Showstopper in outer corner and crease, and Dance Mix above crease:

I loved that look. I actually though first time in over a year that I would do the same makeup two days in a row :o

But my today's look was a bit different, I used Shroom, Showstopper, Flipside and Inglot Pure Pigment #84, and MAC #34 lashes:

And I also got a new wig in the mail!
It's a bit cheap looking, but I still like it :D

And here's the star itself, MAC Diana Eyes:2 palette:



Dance Mix:


And swatches:

And I also got two new Eyeko nail polish, Chi Chi and Punk:

Chi Chi polish:

Glitter glitter, sparkle sparkle, but not bling bling. For a glitter polish this manages to be quite elegant!

Punk polish:

If you ever looked for BRIGHT NEON PINK nailpolish, stop searching. This definitely is it!

And if your planning to order something from Eyeko, check this out!

And last but definitely not least, my new favourite pendants, from SerendipityLicious @ Etsy :
I'm so in love. They are just PERFECT.  <3

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