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See how hard I try to be creative?

I've done several x-treme look lately :D
This was done mainly because I wanted to use my pink wig:

Lashes are again from Madame Madelaine, both upper and lower lashes. And yes, you saw right, they are nail stickers ;D

Then my today's look with Sugarpill Darling, Stella and Midori:

 Yesterday I was wearing something bright, Sugarpill Buttercupcake, Midori and Afterparty:

And I almost forgot!

Remember my Red Queen look?

Amy used that look as an inspiration to make a beautiful card, and she was so sweet that she sent one for me!
Check it out:

I think it's always an honor to be inspiration to someone, but especially these kind of things are just way too awesome!
Thank you Amy! <3

Also, did an article of me with an interview, check it out here:
You might want to use google translator :D

And coming up:
Wicked Geisha look with Sugarpill, and possibly a tutorial too!

you on Sugar for the pink Queen!
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