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I was asked to do a tutorial of my recent "dark fairy" look.

This really isn't my best work, but here we go:

Start with brows. Make them dark and edgy:

Then use some black base color to define the wanted shape. I used MAC Greasepaint Stick Slick Black:

Smudge it a bit:

I then added MAC French Quarter Greasepaint Stick to base the lid even more:

Then MAC She Who Dares green side over the darkly based areas:

Then I added MAC Kelly Green pigment to inner corner, extented to half way to lower lashline, where I swirches to MUFE aqua eye pencil 12L:

I created a bit more shape by adding long wings to eyeshadow:

I then used golden eyeliner in the middle of the wings:

Then I added NYX Jumbo pencil Lemon to my highlight:

And added some sheer white gold-toned shadow over it:

Then I lined my waterline with black:

As well as my upper lashline. I also used some out-line stickers (I really don't know the word for them, but I got them from regular crafting store):

Then I added mascara, added crazy feather lashes to upper and lower lashline and  the look was done!
Lashes are from Madame Madeline, Elise feather lashes.

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