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My today's makeup was done again with Sugarpill. I almost feel bad for all my other makeup, since I use only Sugarpill :D
But maybe ever tomorrow would be "no Sugarpill" -day?

Anyway, this was made by using Magpie and Burning Heart palette. I know it's really bold, maybe even bolder than my usual looks, but sometimes you gotta go bold (but not bald haha), right?

Paired with Gosh Darling on lips. I tried to keep everything else minimal, since eyes were that dark:

Then I was truly inspired by the new blog I found: and especially this post.
I've always loved drag makeup, and I think I would give my left kidney to be as artistic in makeup that some of the drag artist are.
Anyway, I did my own (quite horrible and QUICK) drag look:
(I'm quite amazed, I didn't cover my brows, the brow is quite excatly where it belongs to :D I guess I really do have big lids!)
(But I did overline my lips. BIG time.)

I used Sleek Safari palette, and NYX Glitterati Glitter palette, which unfortunately made my shadows to crease big time in the end.
But anyway:

And by the way, I'm now officially part of the MakeupGeek team! I'm the Creative Director, and for now on I'll be answering the makeup advice emails :)
I'm really having a hard time to believe, that year ago I was literally nobody in the makeup world (and in internet too). Now I have over thousand readers in my blog, I'm designing shadows for MSCHIC, and I'm working in MakeupGeek, place where all this started :D
Just how lucky I am? :D

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