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I'm so happy right now!

No, I didn't yet get my Sugarpill order, but I got something else.
Some of you might remember my rant about MAC "must-have-now" pencil Undercurrent from MAC's Art Supplies collection.
Unfortunately the collection NEVER arrived to Finland, so I've been searching that pencil online since I found the swatch from Temptalia.

Well anyway, last thursday I checked out Marlena's closet clearance from MUG Store, and what did my eyes see? The fraking Undercurrent! I did my order faster than wind, and it arrived to me already!

Here it is, by dear dear baby, which by way is just as cool and awesome and lovely as I expected:

And of course I had to use it right away, I wanted it to show, so I used Sensai's eye loose powder, and a hint of Ben Nye's Turquiose:

That's all this time.

EDIT: Check out my Brazil tutorial from my MSCHIC blog:

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