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Flower Vine Tattoo Ideas

Flower Vine Tattoo IdeasFlowers and vine tattoos are extremely versatile, as so many flowers and vines are there to choose from. The flowers that are most commonly used for tattooing are, rose, lilies, orchid, plumeria, daisy, jasmine and hibiscus. Among the vines, you can choose ivy, grapevine, kudzu, and also holly. These vines have several deep symbolic meanings attached to them, which too can help you to make a choice. As for example, ivy is regarded as a symbol of love and friendship and for the Romans, it stands for immortality. On the other hand, grapevine was the emblem of the 'chosen people' in Hebrew, and it was used to represent luck and strength.

In Greek mythology, grapevine is the symbol for the God of wine, Dionysus. But, in the Christian art, grapevine was depicted to form the crown of Gluttony, when this sin was portrayed in human form. For the Celtics, vines in general, stand for both strength and determination, while for the pagans it was the symbol of life and death. So, vines could mean several different things in different cultures of the world and you can choose the particular vine, which seems to represent your personality or a particular characteristics. Like vines, different flowers have different meanings such as, rose is the universal symbol for love and passion, while lotus represents spirituality. Read more on flower meanings.

Once you make up your mind for a particular vine and flower, you can find a number of designs to create your own unique flower vine tattoo designs. Along with flowers and vines, you can include leaves and tendrils in your tattoos. However, these are not the only characters that you can include in your vine flower tattoos. A few other inclusions such as, butterflies, letters, initials, birds and heart can too enhance the visual impact of your floral vine tattoos. Flower vine tattoos are usually colorful and you can include flowers of many different colors along with the attractive crawling vines. But, many tattoo lovers prefer only a monochromatic color scheme to create these tattoos. However, be sure to select the right color scheme to make your vine flower tattoos more attractive. Read more on vine tattoo ideas.

As far as placement of flower vine tattoos are concerned, they can look great in almost any part of the body. A crawling vine along with a few small flowers carved along your arms can look really fascinating. Similarly, a long swirling vine with a few small flowers across the lower back region and on the leg, from the ankle to the calf can look equally beautiful. Another favorite area for placing vine tattoos is the side, which provides a lot of space for creating large and elaborate tattoos. The simple and small vine tattoos can be placed on the foot and ankles. Flower vine tattoo on foot is usually kept small, as this area provides limited space. But still, foot is one the favorite location for flower and vine tattoos.

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