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I made this post yesterday, and I don't have the time to upload new pics new, so I'll post this as it is :P

She sells sea shells on the seashell shore:

I was feeling beachy ( :D ), so I did a beach inspired look.
My fried brought me these awesome tiny sea shells, and I decided to use them in my look:

I might do a look with the same idea at some point. I wasn't quite pleased with this one :P

Then my (yesterday's) look:

( Fyrinnae New Moon's Light, Fyrinnae Polarbear, MAC Partylicious, MAC Cloudbound, MUFE aqua cream color #10... )

I wasn't feeling comfty with the orange liner, so I changed it to fit better with the rest of the look:

Diamonds are the girls best friend:

And I also bought something for myself!

Girls love diamonds, me included. This still must be the most stupid cosmetic product I've ever bought :D:D
It was on huuuge sale, so that's why ;D

Isadora Diamond Ring Lip Gloss:

It's an actual ring, one size fits most (not me though):

But it sparkles!

And of course, it opens, revealing the lip gloss (0,3g /1oz):

Lip gloss itself it pink and shimmery:

Quite pretty, but nothing unusual. I like diamonds better ;D

But today I got some AWESOME mail, but I'll write more about it in the evening!

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