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I had really lazy weekend what it comes to makeup, I've been feeling really tired and depressed lately, and that also reflects to my face literally, since I can't consentrate to do my makeup.

But anyway, I took pics of my weekend's looks:

Saturday I used Michael Todd eyeshadows, MSCHIC shadows and We Care Icon  Perfect Turquiose eyeliner:

And today I used UD Mushroom, Twice Baked and MAC Shroom:

But something positive, I got my Ropecon pictures finally!

So here's my weird cyborg-goth-zombie look:
I know I'm fat, no need to mention that :)

And here's a close up of the makeup, I really wish I'd had more thime to do it, I had only one hour to do my makeup, hair and get dressed to costume:

(all Ropecon photos by Juho Heikkilä)

I promise I'll try to write something smart next week. Hopefully I won't feel this tired then.

PS. I love True Blood, both series and books.

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