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Whoa, I've been busy!

I got four stunning KIDE MSCHIC products to review and swatch for my MSCHIC blog, and I did a little photographing with them too, since the package is just STUNNING:

Check out the whole post with swatches and more pics from here:
MSCHIC by Jangsara - KIDE is a girl's best friend
And you can shop KIDE pproducts from here, with the -20% discount:

Aaaanyway, I also did a sort of editorial photoshoot yesterday with a friend, and I admit that it didn't go as well as expected. I certainly wasn't on fire :D

So I did a bit of photoshopping, maybe a bit too much actually. Just think of these as photomanipulations, not makeup images :P

And finally my yesterday's look:

And I got some goodies from Illamasqua, to review and swatch:
I'll let you know when I get the reviews up to MUG site!

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