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Foot Tattoo Care
Foot Tattoo Care

Foot Tattoo CareTips for Foot Tattoo Care

Foot Tattoo Care Tip # 1: There are greater chances of ink migration in case of foot tattoos. Ink migration means that the ink is likely to spread over time, blurring your tattoo design. Though this is possible with tattoos on any part of the body, but it’s more common with foot tattoos. So if you get a foot tattoo inked, be prepared to go back to your tattoo artist and have it re-inked, if needed. The top of your foot is the place with the least blurring possibilities. This means foot tattoos need to be simple in design. You can opt for simple feminine tattoo designs like flower tattoos, star tattoos or ladybug tattoos on the foot which will rarely require touch-ups and can be easily re-inked if needed. Keeping this problem in mind, before you a get a tattoo, remember to discuss the tattoo artist’s policy on touch-ups.

Foot Tattoo Care Tip # 2: Foot tattoo healing is another issue which takes about 2-3 weeks. One of the important tattoo care instructions is that the new tattoo should not rub against clothing. Now, this is really difficult in case of a foot tattoo as this would mean staying bare foot, so you can’t wear shoes or socks till it heals! While this is not possible as you step out, there are a few options to this. Wearing flip flops or open shoes during the healing process so that the shoe doesn't rub against the tattoo is a great option. In case the flip flop straps touch the tattoo, then you can get a pair of downunder sandals, a kind of topless flip flop. If you need to wear shoes, then wear 2 pair of light socks for proper tattoo care.

Foot Tattoo Care Tip # 3: Foot tattoo pain is much more than tattoos on any other part of the body and they are also much more prone to infection. Going around barefoot can easily lead to an infection. In case you experience more than expected foot tattoo swelling, redness or pain, you must check for the various infected tattoo symptoms to know whether there is an infection. Even the healed foot tattoos might get affected due to shoes. In case the infection is confirmed, you must properly follow the infected tattoo care instructions as advised by your tattoo artist or doctor.

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