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Vine Tattoo Designs

Vine Tattoo DesignsThe best thing about vine tattoo ideas is their versatile and flexible nature. Thus, there are no specific rules when you want to design a vine tattoo for you. All you need to do is decide the tattoo placement and the type of vine you want in your vine tattoo. The design of the vine tattoo can be decided according to the placement. Vine tattoos that are carved on legs and arms are usually designs that either extend through the complete arm or leg length or that which wrap around them. Ribs, legs, foot, back, shoulders, etc. are some of the popular places for getting a vine tattoo. These tattoos require very less ink but the tattoo design can cover large area of the body.

The tattoos can be very well combined with other tattoo designs like flower tattoos, heart tattoos, angel tattoos, etc. You can go for a vine tattoo that encircles a small heart tattoo or even carve your name along the flow of the vine tattoo. Vine tattoos on leg can be carved to cover the complete leg area or just a part of it. You can place them anywhere between the foot and the hips. Vine tattoos designs for feet, when carved to wrap the ankle and extend over the foot area give striking looks. To know some vine tattoo designs on foot take a look at, vine tattoos on foot. Vine tattoo designs on back can be carved either on the lower back or upper back. One can also go for symmetrically drawn vine tattoos on both the sides or a complete large vine tattoo over the back. One more advantage of vine tattoos is wide scope of using different vibrant colors. Thus, you will not go wrong at all when you want a vine tattoo on your body.

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