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There's another look for my deadly sins, this time LUST.
I wanted to do kind of pornstar look, with totally overdone lips and dark eyemakeup and huge false lashes:

First pic look a bit 80's Farrah though :D

Then I got Eyeko's new Cream with Extra Glow to try.
 It's a multitasking highlighter, which moisturizes, highlights and works as eye cream too.

First I have to say that the box is really sweet.  It's beautiful and supercute, but still kinda simple looking:

Here's the incredient list, if someone wants:

The jar itself looks a bit cheap:

But the cream itself is really pretty:

It's super creamy, slightly pinkish and leaves really pretty glow. I guess this works really well, if you don't use a lot of skin makeup, and want some fresh glow for highlights.

Here it is on skin:

I was also feeling a bit creative today, and I did this:
MUFE Star Powder #949, Sugarpill Goldilux and Sleek black from Circus palette. And Nailrhinestones, false lashes and Inglot #76 eyeliner gel.

I was also feeling a bit creative yesterday.
Like I mentioned, MUG has comic inspired Weekly Challenge, and since I can't really take part to it, I made a look just for fun.

Here's Catwoman:
Black facepaint, white paper in tiny shreds, false lashes, simple eye makeup and red lips.

Tomorrow possibly to Helsinki, maybe I find something to shop?

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