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via AHN: As “Glee” fandom and anticipation for its upcoming second season hits a fever pitch, Macy’s along with Fox Consumer Products is rolling out their exclusive “Glee” apparel line this week.

Hitting all Macy’s stores on August 15th, fans of the show can pretend their going back-to-school to William McKinley High with their Cheerios athletic gear, fashion tops, and hoodies.

Among the items featured in the line, which will range from $19.99 to $34.99, are “Glee” logo tees and screen-printed tops featuring lyrics and phrases like “Don’t Stop Believing.”

“’Glee’ fans or ‘Gleeks’ just don’t watch the show, ¬they live it,” said Robert Marick, EVP of Fox Consumer Products. “This retail launch will provide fans a very personal way to extend the ‘Glee’ experience and express their own ‘Glee’ personality. Macy’s has treated this launch as the kind of event that is a true homage to the show.”

Select Macy’s stores in Herald Square, NY, Union Square, CA, State Street, IL, Miami Dadeland, FL, South Coast Plaza, Orange County and the Beverly Center in Los Angeles will all feature special in-store displays including actual wardrobes from the show.

While the Macy’s shoppers can go back-to-school with “Glee” this week, “Glee” won’t return to Fox with the premiere of its second season, which is set to feature nods to Britney Spears and “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” until September 21st.

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