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I don't know what's been wrong with me lately, my inspiration to do looks and update my blog is really low. But I'll try to find it again, and if someone has seen my inspiration or has inspiration to share, send it this way please :P

But anyway. I decided to re-do my old project, 7 deadly sins. last time I managed to do 4, lust, envy, greed and wrath. Those are so old, and I feel that I have improved quite a lot from those days.
I know you guys wanted me to start either from wrath or lust, but for some reason I wanted to do Envy. I'm not totally happy about it, but.. You can't always win.

Green with envy:

It's quite a shame you can't really see the hand shape on outer corner, it looked really neat when I made it :P

 Then to my recent looks, here's my look from saturday:

And sunday:

And finally from today:

I really need some new color combinations. It's like I've done everything already :D

I should be getting some new shadows this week, maybe they'll inspire me :P

OH, and I'm going to a hairdresser tomorrow! Completely new hair, here I come!

One more thing, have you checked out Makeup Geek's new challenge, comic inspired? If you haven't check it out!

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