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Red is the color of the passion and seduction. Men love it and are seduced by it, especially when it is combined with laces. Although the thong is the typical thing, panties also have a sexy touch.

Many men like white because they can see an innocent touch that they are attracted by. A white T-shirt with white panties is a good combination, although it is necessary to know how to choose the right pieces.

Underwear is a very personal thing. You choose what you want to be according to your personality. You can try different styles for your intimate clothing. Even you can convert an innocent piece to a very provocative and seductive one. The “good girl look” is becoming popular in lingerie stores. Pink underwear has this effect.

If you have dark skin, then vivid colors are for you. The contrast is good. Dazzle him with a pleasant yellow surprise!

Blue Sky
Although this is not one of the most sexy colors, it could be sexy enough with transparencies and embroideries on strategic places. Make your man melt by unleashing your sensuality.

Olive green
Olive green is not a common color to seduce, but you can try it. You can combine this color with sexy pieces.

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