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I'm so sorry I haven't updated in a while, I've been afwully busy and all :S

Buuuuut anyway, last saturday was Ropecon, Finland's biggest roleplay convention, and this year I decided to be a cyborgzombiethingie. Here's my makeup test run from friday:

And here's the look from saturday ( perhaps not the best pic, but good enough to get the point :D)
(Thanks Tanja for the picture!)
So I had my teeth and hair and makeup, contact lens and big wound on cheek. 
I had only one hour to do my makeup, attach extra parts, do my hair and get dressed, so the result wasn't quite as good as I hoped.

And my friend wanted to go as a vampire, so I did her makeup too:

Here's a look from friday, MUFE Aqua Cream #10, Fyrinnae Pyromantic Erotica and sleek black, if I remember correctly:

Here's my sunday's coma look, done with MAC Dame Edna Wisteria eye trio:

And here's my yesterday's look for atituderuiva, who asked me to do a look using matte pink and brown. This one is made with MAC Handwritten and Manl 120 palette pinks:

I also have review and swatches of OCC lip tars and Aromaleigh Indelible Paint Pots coming, as well as other stuff.

OCC lip tar review with LOTS of swatches can be found here:

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