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Tattoo Care ScabbingThe healing process after one gets a tattoo will be different for different people. Hence, it is not possible to tell exactly how it will heal. The process will depend upon several factors including your skin type, the area where the tattoo is made, and also the way in which the tattoo artist made the tattoo. Apart from this, the way you take care of the tattoo also plays a very important role in the healing.

At first, your new tattoo will appear to be red and swollen. However, there is no need to worry about this as it will not stay for a long time. When the tattoo is made on the skin, a protective layer is formed over it. For some people, this protective layer of the skin may peel away, while for some thin scabs form around the tattoo. Both these are perfectly normal and just a part of the healing process. If you have scabbed tattoos, it is likely that you may have to experience uncontrollable sensation of itching in that area. However, you have to control this feeling and restrict yourself from scratching that tattoo as it can make the scab to thicken.

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