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My MUG's MUFE prize arrived today <3

I got:
Star powder #949 (Iridescent Red)
Aqua Cream Color No. 10 - (Bright Orange)
Aqua Eyes pencil #12L (metallic teal blue)
Empty MUFE 10 pan palette
And my #92 Purple eyeshadow is still on it's way :P

Aqua Cream Color #10:
I've found out that I'm actually orange addict too :D I guess it all started from MAC's Off the Page.
This one is just gorgeous. It's super opaque, super bright and super pretty :D

Star powder #949:

So I'm a red addict. I've been searching for the perfect red since forever, and for some reason this is the best.
Here's a little comparison between my reds:
Many of them are quite similar, but still :3

Aqua Eyes pencil #12L:
I haven't ever really cared about pencils before, but now I've found them again. I just really don't know what colors should I get, so I went with this one.
This was described as "blue with green highlights" and I expected something similar to MAC's Undercurrent (which has some gold on it too).
 But this is really pretty bit dirrrrrty blue.
Quite resistant too, after all day of wearing I still have quite alot on my lids :D

Here's swatches:

AND THEN, tutorial time!

I was kinda inspired by Marlena's Sunset Over Ocean Waters tutorial, I just made it more brighter :P
And I did it mostly with MUFE:

Aqua Cream Color No. 10 (base, lid)
Star powder #949 (crease)
Star Powder #953 (above #949)
Aqua Eyes pencil #12L (Lower lashline, waterline, upper lashline)

Cloudbound (highlight)

Loose eyeshadow Golden Jewel


Here we go:

Start with applying Aqua Cream Color #10 to whole lid:

Apply Star Powder #949 to crease:

Blend red upwards with Star Powder #953:

Then I applied MAC Cloudbound to highlight:

Then I carefully added a hint of Sensai loose shadow on top of shadows:

And finally I lined upper lashline, lower lashline and waterline with MUFE #12L pencil:

And then mascara, and look is ready!

That's all this time!

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