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It was too hot yesterday to do makeup, so I skipped makeup and blogging :P

But today I got goodies from Fyrinnae, swatched my new Illamasqua lipgloss and did a look with my new Fyrinnae shadows:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (primer)
Fyrinnae Hypercool (lid, lower lashline)
Fyrinnae Parental Advisory (inner crease)
Fyrinnae Still Breathing (outer crease)
Fyrinnae Pyromantic Erotica (over Still Breathing)
MAC Undercurrent pearl glide liner (lower lashline)
MSCHIC Peacock Shine Eye Stain (waterline)
We Care Icon Black liquid liner
Grimas false lashes

So, after my last Illamasqua shopping I was left a bit disappointed.
I then decided to give their lip products a try, and ordered their Intence Lipgloss in color Petulant:

And on lips:
I usually don't like bright pink lippies, but there just something in this one. I love it!
And I think I've never had a lipgloss that would be this long lasting on lips!

So Illamasqua's eyestuff maybe aren't worth of the money, but their lip stuff might be!

I also got my order from Fyrinnae:
Arcane Magic: Pyromantic Erotica
Biker Chic
Fyre &; Ice
Parental Advisory
Lip Lustre: Pierced
Lip Lustre: Ice Cream Party
Powder Highlighter: In The Spotlight
Dark Magik (free sample)

Biker Chic:
Black with blue glitter.

Fyre & Ice:
This one is pretty similar with Immortality, bt this is more purple than Immortality.
Still sweet color.


I didn't quite get she shade right in the original pic, so here's some bad photoshopping to try to make it look the way it really is. This is my favourite from Fyrinnae, I love this. It's both green and teal, and it reminds me of peacocks <3


Is that gasoline? Is it oil?
You know that beautiful rainbow effect that oil makes, right? This is it, but in loose eyeshadow form :D

Parental Advisory:

OMGOMGOMGOMG. Do I need to say more? This is like... whoa.
Un-fraking-believable shade. Totally awesome.

Pyromantic Erotica:
Like said before, I have a thing for oranges. This is awesome gold-toned light-ish orange with something like lime duochrome. Sweeeeeet.

Dark Magik (free sample) :

Dark metallic red with light purple sparkles. Sound a bit odd, but it actually works great!

In the Spotlight highlighter:
Superpretty highighter, creamish gold, that isn't too shimmery, more glow-y than shimmery actually.

And of course swatches:

And lippies, first
Ice Cream Party:

From the product pic (see from here) I thought this would be more warmer and nude.
It turned out to be grayish, dirty-ish mauve.
But it's OK, I still like it :D

I'll quote my friend here: "It looks like liquid lead!"
I have to agree :D This is really hard to apply evenly unfortunately :(

That's all!

OH, I almost forgot:

I have now OVER 1000 fans in my Facebook page, AWESOME! 
Thank you all so much!

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