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I got my limited edition Sleek Circus palette today, and it's super pretty!

So, first the palette, then makeup.

First of all, palette's cardboard box is SWEET:

Palette itself is red (usually palettes are black, except Bohemian was white):

And here's how it looks like from inside:

Closer look on the colors:


First row:

Second row:

Opinion of the colors:
First row: 
Red is pink based red, matte, and really pigmented.
Purple is AWESOME. It's super pretty purple (I'm a purple addict), it looks just like MAC Parfait Amour SHOULD look.
Light pink is again matte and pigmented.
White isn't. This is definately the weakest link in this palette. It's supposed to be matte true white, but getting ANYTHING out of it is pain.
Yellow is matte, pigmented. In the swatch pic the true color is the lower part of the swatch, so it's quite clean yellow.
Magenta this is actually a bit shimmy, not much, but it's not matte. Really pretty color and very pigmented.

Second row:
Black is really matte and really dark black. I basicly love Sleek's black shadows, they are BLACK, not dark gray or darl blue or anything.
Lilac isn't that pigmented as some of the others, but definately not as bad as the white one. really pretty pastel color.
Super shiny light green, really pigmented.
Light blue, matte. Pigmented.
Shiny navy blue, super shine as the light green one, and as pigmented too.
Orange, matte, super pigmented, super bright color.

Overall opinion:
Considering that the palette costs under $11 (8,5e), I think it's really good deal.
Even though the white one isn't good, you can still put it on your highlight, and that way you'll have every shadow you need in one palette: Base color, darker color, black, and highlight color.

Here's my today's look done with Sleek Circus (purple, lilac, magenta, black and white):

And my yesterday's look with Fyrinnae Still Breathing::

That's all this time!
I hope mailman brings me LOTS of goodies this week, I'm expecting Fyrinnae, Sugarpill, MUFE, Illamasqua, Toofaced, MAC, NYX.... :3
I know all of them are not gonna ariive this week, but maybe atleast some of them..?  :3

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