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Side mode Kate Moss is true: it is 8 seasons as the famous twig embodies the image of Longchamp. This year their complicity grows on another plane: the famous allows Kate to give free rein to his imagination to create models signed Kate Moss Longchamp.

The collection Kate Moss for Longchamp, what is it gives? It is divided into 3 themes: Rock’n ‘Casual, Rock’ n ‘Travel and Rock’n Glam, each theme containing the signed distinctive Kate zebra prints, the silver metal eyelets, the rock attitude (how does it, it reminds you Top shop ?!)

It holds what in this collection? Glastonbury (originally, the English music festival or Kate enjoyed walking on the arm of Pete), without hesitation!

The Shoulder Bag is back and this one with his bohemian spirit, flexible and broad and color green or gray and beige zebra print inside you anywhere. In the evening they will not come without its Soho Clutch in black or green iridescent under the dress.

What we leave to others? The Gloucester, considered the future ‘It-Bag’, we are sorry but it looks a little too classic for the brand … The Moss missed a bit of inspiration, even if we do not doubt the success of this bag comes in red or black and stands at arm’s length.

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