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We already have seen all the models designed by the French fashion house Louis Vuitton that will come out during September 2010. It is the Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2010-2011 collection that was already introduced during the Paris Fashion Week.

In the first place, we show you some items of the Les Extraordinaires Aligator line. It is a line comprised by two models: On one hand, the Carrousel and, on the other, the Speedy Couture. Obviously, as you can imagine, this Louis Vuitton line is strongly related to the alligator hide, which is the main material.


We continue with a line of extraordinary handbags. In particular, we are talking about Les Extraordinaires Monogram Guipure. In this line, the alligator hide is not discarded totally, but other materials play the main role. Anyway, the flap and handles of the handbags are made of alligator hide.


Les Extraordinaires Damier Virtuose: This line is only available with the handbag model Carrousel. Similar to the previous line, it incorporates Alligator hide on flap and handles while the handbag bottom is made of spangles, which is an element that adds a joyful touch. Anyway, keep in mind that this handbag is not for a casual party… it is still a luxury Louis Vuitton handbag and costs 23,000 Euros (approximately US$ 28,200)…


The last line of this series of extraordinary handbags is Les Extraordinaires Damier Clair-Obscur. Perhaps, they are the most eye-catching handbags since the fox hide makes them to have a very robust and voluminous appearance. They are simply spectacular. The selected model is the Speedy, which is available only in two colors: Black and wheat color (with dark shades).



However, if we are looking for a “down to earth” option with a more affordable price, then we can consider the Louis Vuitton Monogram Volupté. This is a handbags line comprised by two models: Beauté and Psyche. Both of them have similar features: A different philosophy available in wine colors and gray. In particular, the Beauté model is a sort of tote handbag with a small size, large handle, and an estimated price of 2,000 Euros (approximately US$ 2,450).

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